Monday, 21 March 2011


I haven't given up on blogging already I just haven't had any good stuff to report. In fact I am frazzled. We seem to have picked up a cold virus in our house causing a variety of complications. The middle fluffer had her 2nd chest infection in as many months, mr fluffcake developed tonsilitis and I now have an ear infection. Its horrid. I am semi deaf. The worst thing is I can only hear stuff via the inside of my head. Eating causes a hideous din whilst normal conversation is completely confusing. I hope it clears up soon because there are too many things I need to be getting on with.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Gardening blitz by chain reaction

I love my garden but am a bit of a perfectionist, which is kind of a paradox as my garden is quite rambling and far from perfect. My lob it in and leave it methods can also be a bit haphazard and often as soon as things get going I realise it's in the wrong place, hoik it out and lob it in somewhere else. Drives Mr Fluffcake mad. There are so many things that want doing I often don't know where to start and then when I do it sparks a chain reaction that is impossible to halt mid-flow. This weekend saw such a blitz but this time it really did halt mid-flow...

I have a clump of red hot pokers beneath a smoke bush and they just don't work. I have the perfect spot for them to go... except for the large clump of bergenia which currently resides there. But it's ok, because I also have a couple of places that would benefit from some bergenia so I could move them... except for all the weeds and brambles in the way. So:
Step 1 is to clear weeds - successfully completely
Step 2 move bergenia... almost completed until I went to move a heap of leaves that had collected and let out very loud banshee like yelp. Reason - I had uncovered a hibernating hedgehog!

Promptly go into panic mode about what to do to make sure it doesn't wake up. I desperately tried to tuck him back in with his leafy blanket. Then worried it wouldn't be warm enough without the protection of the elephant ears so collected up a whole load more leaves to lob on top. Meanwhile my bergenia is slowly drying out so I hastily lob it, practically overarm, into its new home. It has not really been planted so much as deposited.

Not my most successful garden blitz. The hedgehog heap looks suspiciously deflated, but I'm too scared to rummage and find out for sure if I really have prematurely woken up the hedgehog. The bergenia has gone from looking very lush and covered in flowers to looking very sorry for itself and with the frosts this week probably won't survive. The blasted red hot pokers are still squished in under the smoke bush.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

P.S. It's St Davids Day...

... and my first daffodil came out :o)

February Garden Highlights

February has been a bit of a dull month in our garden. The weather has been rubbish and our heavy clay has been freezing cold and sodden. Mostly, all I have achieved is a small amount of weeding and stuck in a few nerines which I was given by my mother-in-law. Not sure they will like our soil, but I dug plenty of compost in and made sure to plant them only just below the surface so am really hoping they will survive. I'm not really that great as a gardener. That is pretty much as much love and attention as they will ever receive and if they can't survive on their own well, quite frankly its tough luck. Anything that thrives on neglect will do very nicely, everything else will slowly wither... and then I'll forget what it is I planted in that spot, and that will be the end of that. Anyway, here's the highlights: