Monday, 21 March 2011


I haven't given up on blogging already I just haven't had any good stuff to report. In fact I am frazzled. We seem to have picked up a cold virus in our house causing a variety of complications. The middle fluffer had her 2nd chest infection in as many months, mr fluffcake developed tonsilitis and I now have an ear infection. Its horrid. I am semi deaf. The worst thing is I can only hear stuff via the inside of my head. Eating causes a hideous din whilst normal conversation is completely confusing. I hope it clears up soon because there are too many things I need to be getting on with.


  1. Poor you and all the fluffers....hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oooh bless all your wee cottons. Hope you're tickerty boo soon. XXX

  3. Thank you, feeling lots better this week although I am still deaf in one ear which is very distracting, but at least its been lovely and sunny :) x

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon in your household. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog. Greetings from Indiana...Heidi