Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Grand Plans for 2011

1. Start and maintain blog.
2. Decorate house (or at least some of it).
3. Master the sewing machine - the ultimate aim is to be able to call myself a seamstress (which sounds so much more glamorous than dressmaker), but that's what I want to be able to do - make real dresses for me and my children and real shirts for my Hub. I aim to begin a with tea cosy.
4. Experiment with watercolour painting and drawing.
5. Do lots of knitting (and keep knitting until I complete whole projects).
6. Do lots of baking.
7. Do lots of gardening.
8. Regain some form of proportion in my body - after 3 children I seem to have expanded in the arse region?
9. Maintain a presentable house.
10. Remember birthdays and act swiftly enough to send cards.
11. Generally be on time.
Actually scrap the last 3, who am I kidding?


  1. Not an unachievable list, me thinks!!
    Ali x

  2. I hope so too! although I think I subconsciously made it fairly vague - I don't want to be setting myself up for too much failure!
    PS Wow, thank you, my first comment! Its actually a little scary realising others may actually read my posts! x