Monday, 28 February 2011

Trip to a magical wood

Yesterday we went to the most magical piece of woodland you could possibly imagine. Puzzlewood is in the Forest of Dean and has grown up on some weird geological features which I think they called scowles. Once underground limestone caves and now exposed to form something quite incredible. We experienced the full freakiness of British weather by being battered by hailstorms as we tried to enjoy a brisk al fresco sarnie (timing, as ever, is impeccable), followed by dazzling sunshine. And now, as if by magic... photos:

That seems to have worked. Good. I shall now try not to get quite so distracted by the blog reader thing and discipline myself to write my own post before reading everyone elses and a) running out of time, and; b) forgetting what I wanted to tell you about.


  1. Hello Ms Fluffcakes - you've just very kindly commented on my blog so I thought I'd wander over and say hello. That Puzzlewood looks fabulous - I shall have to look it up. I've only been through the Forest of Dean once and that was a coupla xmases ago when the Severn Bridges were shut due to sheets of ice falling onto the road, so in order to collect the aged parents-in-law from South Wales, we had to go the long way round, hence going through the FoD. I thought it was lovely, so I shall Google Puzzlewood to learn more!

  2. Hello - I hope you visit it was just so lovely. Its one a few slightly random places we've discovered in the Forest of Dean since moving. Really we only moved about 5 minutes closer but psychologically it suddenly feels like its on our doorstep!