Monday, 7 February 2011

Why Blog?

I love reading other people blogs! I find them endlessly inspiring and wanted to join in but somehow felt a bit rude just butting in without sharing my own life a bit. So I have dragged myself from the nether regions of cyber-stalking and joined the blogging circus.

I suppose I am also looking to find a little bit of space just for me, to be me and no-one else. Somewhere I can indulge in whatever harebrained scheme or project I have dreamt up in any number of moments of madness. Somewhere I can completely, unashamedly, ignore all the trivial domestic crap that clutters up the life of a domestically challenged full time mother of 3 young children. Obviously, my family is the centre of the known universe and I would have it no other way, but honestly, I need just a little space.

The intention is to report on all the good bits, ideas, inspirations and achievements, whatever they be or however small. I want to avoid domestics and ranting as I suffer quite enough of that as it is, and let me tell you, it is pretty dull. Hopefully, by blogging about it I will spur myself on to try bigger and better projects, perhaps I will even finish the projects I start.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said 'space just for me'. That's what I love about blogging, it's mine and about me. Not the mum and wife but me, Ali.
    I felt exactly the same when I started, tentatively dipping my toes in but once I got wet I dived in and love, love, love it.

    Welcome Sarah, hope you love it too!
    p.s housework pousework!!

  2. Hello Sarah
    Welcome to Blog-land ! I hope you will get lot's of enjoyment out of your blog and looking at others out there. I just noticed today that you are following mine, so thank you for that.

    Enjoy your young family (I'm sure you already do !) as they grow all to quickly. Mine are grown and flown now and I miss them, although they have all turned out well and are amazingly good to us, plus we have adorable grand-children, such a bonus.
    I will pop back to read your blog and see how you are.
    Maureen x

  3. Thank you both for looking in, i never knew blog-land was going to be so friendly!

  4. Hi Sarah, good to discover your blog. I love your header photo! You seem to be at a very busy stage - I admire you having time to blog with 3 young children. I have one at university and one in second last year at school, and that seems busy enough!
    Good luck with your gardening/growing ventures.